Thursday, March 3, 2011

The details of our love

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have a location! May I present

The backyard.

A brief history:

In 1782 Harford County voted to move the county seat to Scott's Old Fields (present day Bel Air). The Town consisted of 40 relatively long, narrow lots and one street (Main Street), as well as the area the had been set aside for the courthouse and the county jail. Thomas A Hays owned at least 15 of the 40 lots. Additionally, he owned the farm land east of town, which includes the present day Rockfield Park. Over the years, the farm land was subdivided and sold off in many parcels. One of these parcels was willed to Mary Giles, the daughter of Thomas A. Hays, Sr.
This land eventually went to the Fulford family, who sold it to Charles and Adele McComas in 1920. The McComas' built the lovely house which graces the property at the present time. In 1950 Jogn and Jenovefa Hoza purchased the property from the McComas family. The Hozas had moved to the United States from Czechoslovakia. Mr. Hoza was part of the management team at Bata Shoe Company.
In 1991 Harford County purchased 46 acres of the 55-acre tract of land belonging to the Hoza family. In 1993, the County deeded the land to the Town of Bel Air for use as a community park. Almost immediately, the Town developed a master plan for the property and began to develop it as a community park including gardens, trails, nature areas, a creative playground and three active recreation fields. When completed, there will be separate picnic areas and gazebos located in the park. In 1996, the Town purchased the remaining five acres of the Hoza Estate, including the house and outbuildings, and created the nine-member Rockfield Foundation to oversee the use of the House and property, now known as Rockfield Manor.
The Rockfield Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit corporation, incorporated under the laws of Maryland. It is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors to promote and operate Rockfield Manor for the benefit of the Bel Air community.

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